ICBC Nigeria

Who Can Join?

Who Can Join The Institute of Certified Business Consultants (ICBC), Nigeria?

Direct Membership


Training on modern day politicking as well as role of politicians in nation building


Catch them young, they will be trained and exposed to various business models which will make them entrepreneur before graduating


To become self-employed and creating jobs for others through ICBC Nigeria training and coaching.


To be equipped with modern business philosophy and connect to global business network through seminars. Get solutions when faced with business issues through the Institute's solution back bone centre.

Corporate entities

Receiving discounts for staff training as well as having access to the institute’s quarterly news-letters.

Business Entrepreneurs (Artisans, Technicians and Traders).

The Institute’s idea is to train and coach these informal sector on regular basis on modern techniques in their field of businesses, record keeping, sources of funds available to them, export exposures, preservation mechanism of their products and other opportunities. After each training, qualified candidates can apply for membership.

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Become a professional and partake in the benefits of being a member of ICBC Nigeria by joining our institute.