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Our focus has always been on delivering professional values and high ethical standards, thus offering opportunities for studying and career advancement in the field of business.

Ayele, Emmanuel Utomi, FICBC, ACA, Cert. BC.

He is the country representative of ICBC Canada/USA. He is a passionate financial management and strategy expert with over two decades of experience spanning Business Operations, IT Integration, Compliance Strategy, Management Segments, Public Relations, and Stakeholder Engagement. He has demonstrated abilities in translating corporate strategy into pivotal business/financial initiatives that deliver on corporate leadership, revenue, and market share growth. He is adept in Strategic planning, Critical thinking, Leadership, People Management, Conflict Resolution, Budget planning, Financial reporting, and Change management. He is a seasoned Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN), an Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies expert from Harvard Business School, a Postgraduate Holder in Financial Management from Lagos State University, and a Certified Business Consultant from the Institute of Certified Business Consultants (ICBC), USA/Canada. He had several financial and business strategies training both local and international.
He sits on several boards of companies.

Emmanuel Utomi Ayele
President of ICBC Nigeria
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Choosing membership of a professional body can be a big step forward in your career and public standing. If you are just starting your career as a graduate we suggest that associate membership would be right for you.  Choose the grade that feels the most appropriate for you and complete the application form.  The completed form can be returned to our administrative office via mail.

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Certified Membership - Certified Business Consultant - Cert. BC

The business consultancy role is becoming increasingly important in assisting line management to handle the problems of innovation and change. The Certified Business Consultant designation represents a hallmark and commitment to the highest ethical standards of the profession.

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What I am today is because of the The Institute of Certified Business Consultants (ICBC), Nigeria. The institute’s trainers are very helpful and committed towards NYSC members careers goals.

Orisewezie Desmond-ICBC Nigeria Testimonies
Barrister Orisewezie Desmond

ICBC Nigeria Trained Graduate Member.

ICBC has been instrumental to the growth and success of my business. They have lots of ideas and they give us plenty of spot-on practical guidance.

Chioma Elizabeth Ogbonna

ICBC Nigeria Trained NYSC Graduate Member

The Certification Program at ICBC has given me invaluable experience working through real life Business Problems.

Abiola funmilayo
Abiola Funmilayo

ICBC Nigeria Trained NYSC Graduate Member

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